About the Novel

If you are the lover of the beautiful Marisol, there is going to be danger involved. Steven understands this very well. He comes to it with difficulty when she pushes him into gun fighting, small arms fighting, Krav Maga, defensive and evasive driving classes.

More than once, he has fingered his passport, considering if her love was worth the risk. The answer is always a resounding ‘Yes,’… but there is often lingering doubt.

Marisol’s family was deeply complicit in the Holocaust in World War 2 and the removal of the Jews from Lyon, France during the Nazi Occupation. Now her Ultra right-wing family has risen again to threaten European democracies with their perverted Nationalist idealism and well-funded resistance forces.

Treason's Child Novel

Steven is a depressed, down-on-his-luck American tourist looking for a new start in France, until a chance meeting with a local French beauty opens exciting new opportunities for love and adventure. Steven can be charming, bright and bold… exactly what this powerful but vulnerable woman wants in a consort. On the day they met, emotions ran high in le Jardin de Luxembourg. There, she invited him to her home, where on the TGV platform, they kissed for the first time, but were immediately detained by the police. Someone powerful is using the police to follow her. He falls in love… and it is only then that Marisol tells him about her family’s ruthless past and current plans for the destruction of Western governmental systems.

Treason’s Child is a memorable and exciting all-in-one Romantic suspense trilogy, consisting of three Romance thriller novels that takes readers on an exciting high stakes travel adventure across Europe and the western United States, in a desperate attempt to regain Marisol’s good name… and foil the evil plot of her estranged Fascist family. Order your Copy Now