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"TREASON’S CHILD” ... Dive into the captivating story of Marisol de Froissart, a modern woman with treacherous secrets that trace back to the horrors of the Holocaust, and the infamous Nazi, Klaus Barbie, "The Butcher of Lyon". As you unravel her family's past, you will become immersed in a soul-wrenching tale of love, good vs.evil, deceit, and triumph. In a Romance Suspense Novel By L.Robert Ross, discover the story of a white supremacist, Anti-Semitic family which is now plotting a Nazi insurrection in today's Western Europe. And meet, romance and triumph with a young member of that family, a woman of inordinate strength, and join her fight to earn love and defeat her family's evil plan.

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War crimes of Klaus Barbie
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Background of TREASON'S CHILD

Marisol’s family had a dark past – complicit in the gruesome war crimes of Klaus Barbie,during the Holocaust. As their fascist movement began to reemerge and insurrection threatened both France and Spain, Marisol was determined to prevent them from wreaking any more destruction, determined to rescue her name. Lacking genuine love throughout her life and with a failed marriage behind her that ended far too young, it felt like she was searching for somebody to accompany her into this tumultuous era; someone pure and uncomplicated yet strong enough to face whatever challenges could arise. And then she found Steven Dunning, by accident, in a Parisian bistro…

Thoughts, Musings, and Ruminations.


Treason’s Child is a memorable and exciting all-in-one Romantic suspense trilogy

Francophile’s Dream

Francophile’s Dream

Called a “Francophile’s Dream" by award-winning mystery writer, Erica Miner, it will be love at first sight to those enamored with indulgent descriptions, only the best of everything for the wine heiress Marisol de Froissart, of Paris. Lyon, and across Northern Spain, even Yosemite for Christmas! ORDER! DIRECT FROM

Turning Suspense

Page Turning Suspense at Every Corner!


Holocaust Guilt!

Marisol’s family was deeply complicit in the Holocaust in World War 2 and the removal of the Jews from Lyon, France during the Nazi Occupation.

Fight against antisemitism and the remnants of Neo -Nazism

Expiating unmerited

Expiating unmerited guilt by blunting her uncle's plans for Neo-Fascist Insurrection, is a major theme in her privileged life. Marisol’s family was deeply complicit in the Holocaust, in the removal of the Jews of Lyon during the Occupation. Even so she and they are still indecently rich, she using her money for charity and philanthropy. Not so her family! Now her ultra-rightist uncle and cousins have risen again to threaten the democracies of France and Spain through sedition and Fascist insurrection.

Mysterious Family Secrets

American Musician

On a chance meeting with Marisol, American musician, Steven Dunning, is happily seduced and enlisted by her to aid in saving the West from her family’s plans. More than once, facing violence and danger, he fingers his passport, considering if her love is worth it, the constant risk? The answer is always, “Yes! And as they follow leads and travel to confront her family and their henchmen, they experience love in its many forms. MORE info, reviews, contacts, blog at




L. Robert Ross is a long-time writer for science publications and travel digests. His short stories have been published in literary reviews in the Americas and Europe. He is a native New Yorker and San Franciscan, and lives now in Medellin, Colombia.
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